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Enablers & Facilitators

Due to the intimate nature of discussions and networking planned we are limited to host 150 Enabler from the West and will bring them together with 50 high levelled opinion leaders from China.

The 1st AIRS China International Rehabilitation Enabler and Facilitator Meeting is looking for Enablers from the West like:

  • Equipment Provider
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Knowhow Provider: Rehab Clinics
  • IT for Rehab Process Support and Workflow (HIMS)
  • Big Data Handling
  • Home Use Reha Application Provider
  • Telemedical Industry
  • Robotic Producer and Developer
  • TCM Technology Support
  • Education and Training Provider
  • Quality Management Systems Provider
  • Physiotherapy and Ergotherapy Educators
  • Wellness Solutions
  • Senior Care Infrastructure Solutions
  • Advanced Ambient Assisted Living
  • Sports Medicine
  • Rehabilitation Medical Professionals
  • Academic and Scientific Rehabilitation Institutes
  • Rehabilitation Associations with an International Reach

Facilitators from China like:

  • Rehabilitation Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Project Developers
  • Rehabilitation and Medical Associations
  • General Hospital Management
  • Sports Medicine and Sports Clubs
  • Industrial and Governmental Representatives
  • Stakeholders for Occupational Health
  • Rehabilitation Phase II and Prevention
  • Governmental Decision Makers
  • Quality Management Representatives



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