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Prof. Ao Lijuan

Dean of Rehabilitation College of Kunming Medical University

Professor Ao was awarded as “Yunling prominent teacher” by Yunnan provincial government;

Visiting scholar, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Upstate Medical University;
Dean, Rehabilitation College of Kunming Medical University;
Director, rehabilitation medicine research center of Yunnan province;
Member of ISPRM;
Vice president, rehabilitation physicians branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association;
Director, rehabilitation education professional Committee of CARM;
Standing director, CARM;
Member, China industrial injury rehabilitation expert Committee,
Editorial Board Member, “Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine”, “Chinese Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation” and “China’s Rehabilitation Medicine”;
Executive vice president and secretary general, Yunnan rehabilitation medical association;
President, Rehabilitation Physicians Branch of Association of Physicians.
Director, teaching committee of rehabilitation therapy of Yunnan provincial Department of Education
Member, pharmaceutical technology teaching committee of the Ministry of education.

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