Meeting and Advisory Board

Why is this meeting necessary for quality
and innovation in the health markets?

AIRS sees rehabilitation, health management and prevention to reach a new stage, where interdisciplinary collaboration is demanded to install progress. Microbiomics and Genomics are the two leading sectors in medicine and research which can solve and explain many phenomena associated with healing and yet unexplained treatment effects. We want to share the key knowledge already on the way for application and transfer into practical human life.

The stakeholders in science and business the same are called on stage. Speak up, start up, exhibit, pitch new product launches, sponsor quality. Help quality reach the consumer.

AIRS will organize a conference platform for an innovative, forward pushing and convinced community which wants to understand the complexity of health matters, and promote new solutions - being open for discussion, networking and dialogue. We will create a thrilling, academic and knowledgeable marketplace which brings us in contact for preparing next steps in health 2.0 developments.

Speak up, start up, exhibit, pitch new product launches, sponsor quality. Help quality reach the consumer.

Gold and Media Sponsor - Heilpraxis

The AIRS Conference Barcelona is happy to announce “Heilpraxis” ( as the Gold Sponsor of the conference.

Heilpraxis is one of the leading health portals in German speaking countries. It offers comprehensive information on diseases, symptoms, treatment options and methodologies and actual topics in medicine.

When looking at you find a well examined and research based selection of explanations of medical issues and the connection to the scientific base of this knowledge. The writing style is health consumer friendly, trustful and faithful and is also studied by thousands of professionals looking for a quick reference.

Heilpraxis is looking beyond the current borders and the selected contributions feature the whole range of integrative medicine, natural science and "alternative medicine" for valid insights.

The 2nd AIRS Advisory Board

Professor Jack A Gilbert earned his PhD from Unilever and Nottingham University, UK in 2002, and received his postdoctoral training at Queens University, Canada. From 2005-2010 he was a senior scientist at Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK; and from 2010-2018 he was a Professor of Surgery and Director of The Microbiome Center at University of Chicago. In 2019 he moved to University of California San Diego, where he is a Professor in Pediatrics and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Speaker slots can be found here.  Find him on the Newsletter as well.

Find his Video Message here.


Prof. Li Jianan is the scientific president of the AIRS Meeting and member of the Scientific Committee of the AIRS Institute.

Watch Prof. Li's video message

Dr. Li Jian’an is an international associate of the National Academy of Medicine, USA. He is the director of the rehabilitation medicine center of Jiangsu Province Hospital. He is the immediate past President of International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, chief editor of Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine and Associate editor of Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine


Prof. Dr. Eckhard Schoenau is medical director of the UniReha GmbH and consultant at the Children’s Hospital University of Cologne, Germany.

He graduated from medical school in Erlangen, Germany in 1986 followed by specialist training for pediatric and adolescent medicine at the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Luebeck, Germany.

In 1999 he was appointed Professor at the University of Cologne. On the basis of extensive research in the area of ​​musculoskeletal diseases, Prof. Schoenau established the Rehabilitation Center "Queen Rania Rehabilitation Center" for children and adolescents with reduced mobility "Auf die Beine" at the University Hospital Cologne, Germany in 2006 and is medical director since then.

The management of the Center for Prevention and Rehabilitation, UniReha GmbH (100% subsidiary of the University Hospital of Cologne) followed in 2008. He has presented his research nationally and internationally (161 original papers, 57 reviews, 51 book chapters).


Mr Erbeldinger is a mutlifaceted entrepreneur, active in the whole international field of publication for sports medicine and beyond.

Diploma / Master in sports science – concentration: Economy & Management, 2004 to 2006 JOHANNES GUTENBERG UNIVERSITÄT – Mainz, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany.
Intermediate Diploma / Bachelor in sports science – concentration: Informatics, 2000 to 2004 TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITÄT DARMSTADT– Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany.

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Upon request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we will make you an offer or discuss details on the phone.

We are cooperating with the leaders in microbiomics, genomics, in academia, science and industry.

See you in Barcelona!


Desde el equipo español de AIRS:

Invitación a la
Conferencia de Microbiomics
en Barcelona.


The topics in the agenda are arranged around many critical questions and we call for the medical and industrial elite to generate answers for:

How can we make sure to take the right supplements for the individual health condition?

What are the true benefits of wearables?

Where can we get certified advice in the product landscape?

Which role does the skin microbiome play for the future cosmetic?

How can we determine the genetic constitution susceptible for anti-ageing strategies and exercise?

How far can we educate our microbiome by lifestyle, nutrition, exercises, habits?

How far are we with predictive genomics?

Which are revolutionary health 2.0 developments?

Where are risks and dangers? Who controls quality?

Can resilience be trained?

NMI: Neuro-Microbiome-Immunology replaces PNI?

Which health industries and product supports are science based rising stars?

What are the key insights and state of art in scientific microbiomics and genomics?

1000 dietary supplements: which do we need in the light of the new rehabilitation approach?

International formulas and recipes for healthy food?

Healthy food designer: a new profession?

What is allowed in sports training and where are the borders against doping?

Power food: a marketing gimmick or what is the accredited and acknowledged formula?

Regulatory initiatives by associations and governmental bodies: what is the current framework and who sets global standards?

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New German Pediatric Rehabilitation Concept

Nuevo Concepto de Rehabilitación de la
Pediatría Alemana: Kids First!
New German Pediatric Rehabilitation
Concept: Kids First!


The environment for networking cannot be better than in the Hesperia Hotel in Barcelona. For the organizer it is a repeated experience. You have a unique density of meeting and information opportunities which allows no minute of boredom.

The elements are:

  • Login to the closed community and schedule meetings with participants before the event
  • Participate in the sessions: we push dialogue and interaction
  • Participate in the Welcome Reception on 30th May at 7 pm for an informal get-together
  • Secure you participation in the Gala Dinner and select the Dinner option when registering
  • Look out for some sponsoring opportunities from our offer sponsoring portfolio
  • As an exhibitor you cannot be missed

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Sorehsa is strategic supporter of the AIRS Institute and of its events. It prepares the feasibility of projects and promotes the idea of innovating and advancing rehabilitation and health optimization concepts.

Orenda is a well established real estate provider in China for healthy urbanization solutions and for the creation of a holistic health environment and services. 

Orenda strives to actively implement the bigger healthcare solution in alignment with China’s official "Healthy China 2030" strategic development plan.

The Orenda Village "Jacksonhole" is a healthy-living village featuring a top-tier health infrastructure that is situated in a clean environment at the base of Tianhuang Mountain, Yenqing, 110 km northwest of Beijing. Next to it the Sorehsa Villages, a rehabilitation city, is under development and construction.

Soreha China, a fully-owned subsidiary of  Sorehsa AG in Switzerland, founded in 2002, has been focusing on the promotion of MTT (Medical Training Therapy) in China  and  has  successfully  applied MTT to the sports medicine field.

With more than a decade’s experience in the Chinese market, Soreha has established partnerships with a number of European rehabilitation and research institutions to become a total solution provider integrating research, training, equipment, services and operations.

Based on the "Healthy China" strategy, Soreha will continue to  provide professional, advanced and reliable rehabilitation services in the fields of orthopedic rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, internal medicine, and sports injury rehabilitation.

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