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We combine our next-generation sequencing process and analysis pipelines with our medical expertise. Our dedicated team of scientists and bioinformaticians works closely with you to develop the best strategy for the realization of your project. Depending on its scope we select the most suitable library preparation and sequencer from our Illumina platforms.


KfW CEGAT 105 gr s

CeGaT, founded in 2009 and based in Tübingen, Germany, is accredited according to CAP, CLIA and DIN EN ISO 15189:2014. Recently CeGaT cooperated with B. Braun to create the joint venture CeCaVa, which stands for “Center for Cancer Vaccines”. The new company is devoted to developing individualized vaccines that are to be used to treat diseases, particularly tumorous diseases.

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Zymo Research has been serving the academic and biopharmaceutical scientific communities by providing DNA and RNA purification products since its inception in 1994. As The Epigenetics Company™, Zymo Research has also received much attention for its well-defined product portfolio of epigenetics products and services.

In addition to the epigenetics and nucleic acid purification products, Zymo Research is the first company to develop microbiomics solutions based on new rigorous standards for microbiome analyses. The company has been leading the initiative to improve reproducibility and accuracy in the field by developing the first commercially available standards for microbiome research. The ZymoBIOMICS™ portfolio has been developed as a comprehensive solution for microbiomics and metagenomics from sample collection to analyses.

Companies like Zymoresearch just start to fill the landscape to make a new medicine and new rehabilitation possible. They are not too many and some of them still experimental, but Zymoresearch is established and well prepared for the many challenges in the microbiome assessment sector. All doctors will need them soon.

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thesportgroup GmbH is a modern company and innovative partner in the fields of sports medicine and veterinary medicine. Divided into 3 business segments (publishing, agency and consultation) the company has a tradition and competence since 2004. We publish the sportärztezeitung and the tierärztezeitung two modern and communicative journals (print and online), organize workshops, congresses, further education, and offer a comprehensive expert consultation around the topics sports medicine and veterinary medicine.

In addition we publish the sports.medicine.newspaper the international issue in English, in close partnership with Isokinetic and since 2018 with the Chinese Edition in Mandarin an exclusive Journal for the Chinese Market, in cooperation with AIRS. Brand new, thesportgroup GmbH organized with its sister company Insumed GmbH, a specialist in the field of nutrition, an innovative day of sports nutrition at the OPEL Arena in Mainz, Germany. To be continued in our core competence with your support…. Our mission is to create direct “sports” medical communication for doctors, therapists and trainers all over the world in written, in person and later online not the other way around! From science to experience and from experience to science.

Thesportgroup was founded and is managed by Robert Erbeldinger - a highly flexible and creative networker in the field of sports medicine and sports science. With his print products and personal networking platforms he reaches out to the VIP in sportsmedicine internattionally. The culture and the style is open, exchange oriented and focused on just "do it"! We need more Robert´s also for the genomics and microbiomics knowledge transfers...See him in Barcelona.

Sports Doctor Magazine:

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A Norwegian-based biotech company, and the culmination of 20 years research on best ways to detect various bacteria in communities. This research has led to novel, patented technologies and new approaches in bacterial analysis that significantly reduces the cost, while increasing speed and throughput. See also recent Press Release.

The microbiota industry is growing and services for assessment, follow up, research and tretament control are becoming very important. The expertise to handle this does not come over night: many companies in this sector have been founded on well established research activities well before.

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